Overcome (2015), Digital photo manipulation

I made this piece in high school (AP Studio class) as a part of a project series for my thesis. I did the photography myself and manipulated the photo, removing the existing strings, & adding my own in the shape of words. My series was about overcoming adversity, from what I had learned in my life up until that point, and trying to help others with that knowledge. I was young but this was one of my favorite pieces and it speaks volumes about how I overcame a lot of adversity growing up.

I submerged myself (like I still do today) in my many hobbies to drown out all the negativity thrown at me; playing guitar was one of those things. Despite the severe racial bullying I received every day, I challenged myself to do things that scared me, like the pageants I took part in. I even worked up the courage to perform music onstage while singing.

The piece later received Best in Show in my school's annual art competition, which makes this one even more close to home for me.

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