Lantek Rebrand Process

My current big graphic design project is for Lantek, an IT service company in Kutztown.

I'm also currently doing temporary work for them to help complete a large-scale data sanitization order for a big client of theirs.

This is Lantek's current website & branding. I am working closely with the Sales Account Specialist to complete the rebrand project.

Before starting the rebrand, they requested a brand sheet of their current brand:

In the first iteration of the rebrand, they wanted to create a newer feel with a focus on their cloud management services.

They requested the logo in a array of different color combinations to find the best one:

They then requested these business cards in the 3 different color variations that they narrowed down to:

That led us to this:

The project managers decided to take a route in the rebrand after this. And go with an even more minimal design.

We still planned to stick with orange & blue but did not have an exact color shade for each.

They envisioned a plain text logo with a simple line art cloud:

Then they decided on a blockier cloud, so we went with this:

Color variations to make a color choice:

After some decision time, they decided to go a whole different route which will be covered in a separate blog post!

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