Lantek Logo Update

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

After stepping away from the first round of revisions & iterations, Lantek decided to go a completely different route with their rebrand. They wanted to aim for more of a "service company" feel & a more professional look, keeping with a plain text for the company name, however. They wanted to keep it extremely minimal & simple, but they decided on avoiding something that would denote specific services, such as the cloud or technology (in case they want to broaden their services or business model in the future). They were unsure of any ideas for this, so I came up with this:

This is by far my favorite iteration; I think the colors, font, & layout are extremely pleasing to look at and definitely something I can see in an unlimited amount of applications for a company such as theirs. The orange represents their I especially like the way the letters & colors perfectly meet up and split at the same spot with an equally-sized gap (between "Lan" and "tek"). After being involved with the company for a short amount of time, it represents them much better, in my opinion.

The orange represents energy & change, while the steel-blue hints at their technology expertise.

They provide up-to-date solutions for technology in business, which is why these colors are great for them.

I provided some variations for choice:

  • Black Facebook Icon
  • Black Instagram Icon
  • Black Pinterest Icon
  • Black Twitter Icon

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