Holy Frappe! - Creating a brand in 30 days

Updated: Jan 13

A few weeks ago, I decided to pursue starting the frappe company I've always wanted to. Anyone who knows me knows that I religiously make my own frappes at home. I get rave reviews every time I share them with friends who are surprised to know that they are low-calorie & dairy-free while having the creamy taste of a delicious milkshake. The logo is inspired with a subtle retro cartoon look - I designed it myself with Adobe Illustrator.

I've always been health-conscious about what I consume; the nutritional and caloric content of Starbucks and Dunkin' frozen drinks are horrifying to me.

Just look at this:

Starbucks grande frappuccinos 16 oz: 440-500 calories

Dunkin' “small” frozen coffee 16 oz: 600-630 calories

Dunkin' “small” frozen chocolate 16 oz: 500 calories

I've been experimenting with several recipes & flavors for my frappes that I make for myself at home. I picked the name Holy Frappe for my brand. My 16 oz: 180-230 calories

My debut will be on December 14th with my first few event!

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