Holy Frappe! May 2020 Update & Merch

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, I have officially graduated Kutztown University with my Bachelor of Science in Psychology! It was one of the most difficult years for me in my life with more personal life challenges than ever. Even without getting to walk a stage today (my originally planned graduation date), this diploma means so much more to me than I could describe to anyone.

In case you haven't read previous blog posts about my startup, Holy Frappe!, I have been planning to launch the first official location in 2020. I am still aiming for the launch this year; of course the pandemic has introduced a considerable amount of challenges.

In the past month between completing final Psychology research and papers, I also managed to launch Holy Frappe's website to highlight the brand's importance and also raise money for construction (I am also working to support this venture and seeking business grants).

Here's the site: holyfrappe.co I truly appreciate everyone for checking it out and learning about the brand I'm working so hard to make happen!

All profits from the merch will also benefit this cause, and I hand-make most of my items:

The Holy Frappe patch is an iron-on piece I make on my embroidery machine (below). It's super cute and I try to give them to my close supporters; I rep one wherever I can.

Here's me sporting the patch on my favorite denim jacket:

I also love these clear patch tumblers that I send in purchases of select donation packages! (The patch is enclosed inside the cup walls so they don't get dirty!)

The Unisex Cotton T-shirt: (available in 9 colors)

The Unisex Cotton Tie-Dye Shirt:

Thanks for reading!! :-)

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