Holy Frappe! Launch preparation

I mentioned starting my brand in this previous post. I've been perfecting my recipes for my upcoming debut. I am someone who's extremely allergic to dairy (to a higher degree than many lactose intolerant individuals). I know that this is becoming more prevalent & there are not enough dairy-free options that don't include dairy-alternative mystery synthetics or small traces of dairy. My recipes are all coconut milk based, which is I achieve the creaminess without using dairy. (For those who don't like coconut, you'll be relieved that you can't taste it in the coconut products I use.)

My frappes are low-calorie because I've combined very simple ingredients, after seeing the page-long list of unpronounceable ingredients on the back of both home and restaurant grade frappe mixes on the market. Being someone who has always been health-conscious, this was my second priority. It was for both reasons that I began making my own frappes at home, after realizing I could not find what I wanted as a menu item at places like Dunkin' or Starbucks.

Here's a calorie-comparison graphic I made to show the difference:

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