Game Boy Color - Custom Re-Shell Resources

Updated: Mar 27

In my last post I added a backlight screen kit. Here are the resources for my re-shell:

Parts on eBay:

  • Clear Game Boy Color Shell

  • Transparent Orange Game Boy Color Shell

  • Orange Game Boy Color Buttons

Custom Lens from BluishSquirrel

The seller provides a template which I designed in Adobe Illustrator with my lettering and a pumpkin design. It is a high quality glass lens and I love looking at it. You can also use a glass lens that comes with any re-shell kit on eBay. The original Game Boy Color has a plastic lens that scratches easily, so most modders opt for glass.

I used the front of the Clear shell and the back of the Orange shell together.

(Game pictured: Kirby’s Dreamland)

(Game pictured: Donald Duck: Goin‘ Quackers)

This post contains NO sponsored links or content. All resources are simply researched and provided by me at your convenience :-)

Thanks for reading!

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