Game Boy Color - Backlighting Resources

Updated: Mar 27

I picked this up for $30 at a local buy-trade-sell video game shop. Unfortunately the store isn't around anymore but the store was one of my favorite hidden gems. This Game Boy Color is in Atomic Purple but I plan on re-shelling it and modding the screen.

I bought this kit on eBay for changing the screen to a backlit LED screen.

It was very easy to install compared to the mods I’ve done.

I’m using tools that I already had from re-shelling other Game Boys. They are readily supplied with most eBay re-shell kits. I love buying my shells, buttons & parts on eBay; there are tons of options that are affordable.

Here’s the tutorial video that goes well with the kit.

Screen before backlighting:

The kit is nice because it allows you to turn off the backlight and retain the look of the original screen, or you can tap the sensor button and change the brightness:

Finally, here’s a quick demo of Kirby’s Dreamland playing with the new backlit screen:

I’ll be changing the buttons, shell, and lens in a separate post! :-)

This post contains NO sponsored links or content. All resources are simply researched and provided by me at your convenience :-)

Thanks for reading!

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