Game Boy Advance - Backlighting Resources

Updated: Mar 27

For this backlight mod and re-shell, I used the following:

An original working Gameboy Advance (you can search for one on eBay or in used game stores)

This backlight kit on eBay BUT, read the below instructions first

Glow-in-the-Dark Green Shell for Gameboy Advance

White Gameboy Advance Lens

Exacto knife

Soldering supplies *optional*

Before you buy the backlight kit, you'll need to figure out which pin adapter you'll need (32 or 40) to specify for the seller. I use this guide to find out.

Once I have all my parts, I use this instruction PDF guide to start my build. The guide instructs you to solder a wire that comes with the kit, but I've found that it is a difficult task for most as the contact points are EXTREMELY tiny. That being said, you actually don't need to solder anything, as I've found that it makes almost no difference in the functionality of the Advance. It only seems to slightly alter the color range.

This post contains NO sponsored links or content. All resources are simply researched and provided by me at your convenience :-)

Thanks for reading!

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